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December 02, 2004



OH. MY. GOD. Okay, Clement, THIS is my official Christmas gift list. I'll just forward it to my fiance...he should just love you!


my christmas list too!
fred isnt actually the gift-buying type
but i am sure i can persuade him to buy some extra lottery tickets in which case I have no doubt he'd be very generous and make considerations from the list (if he wins)


Hmm.. I should probably find a girl, so that I'll have someone to give the list to too. Although asking for $20,000 in gifts upfront would seem to be a bad move.

Sixy Beast

shouldn't be too much of a problem - sure you're going to win her heart with your cooking!

But before you present her with your requirements don't forget to put the Bowens Tri-lite Kit on the list too!


Of course :)


Hi, Clement. I have really enjoyed your pictures and write-ups. I'd like to offer an alternative to the $2000+ ice-cream maker, though. Last May I got a Lello Jr. (formerly Simac) from Amazon for $200 (sometimes they're on sale for $180), and couldn't be more pleased. It also has a built-in compressor freezer and makes a quart a time, which is plenty for a small household. We used it several times a week in the summer. No matter what the custard/sorbet mix, the resulting texture is indistinguishable (to me) from the local gelato place in Berkeley.


Whoops, that should have been $1000+.


Here's hoping "Weird and Unusual Gifts" is easier on the pocket or it's a terrible and unfortunate food poisoning incident for elder and wealthier members of the family this Christmas.


hi clement, i only found out about your blog when I read the announcement of SHF for Feb - so this comment comes a tad late. (love it, btw, and especially admire the photographs!!!)
I sincerely hope you got the Jura coffee maker for Christmas... I have one at home myself and it is impossible now to imagine that I could ever have done without it! Your next challenge will be to find your "perfect" coffee... I have found mine (Musetti), but have been trying for months to BUY it here in the UK and been unsuccessful so far, despite 2 phone calls to the distributors AND the factory in bella Italia!
We also did the maths using our daily intake at Starbucks and the like to justify the expenditure, unfortunately, we still spend too much money there for mediocre coffee - because while our Jura espressos, lattes etc are infinitely better than Starbuck's, the machine is not exactly what you carry around with you all the time... and I don't like the idea of coffee on the go, call me old-fashioned!


Hi Johanna, thanks for visiting. Unfortunately I didn't receive any of the items on my list. To be honest, I didn't actually give the list to anyone since I was certain that anyone I gave it to would just start laughing, thinking that I couldn't possibly be serious. I did however check out the Capresso machine at my local William-Sonoma. I tried a cup of coffee from the machine and was very impressed. I do agree with you about home-made versus store-bought. I can't go back to drinking watery hot chocolate that's loaded with sugar, after making my own from wonderfully deep and rich Valrhona chocolate!
I don't have much experience with coffee, but if I become addicted to it one day (which seems likely), I will certainly try to find the "perfect" coffee here in Canada.

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