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June 26, 2005



Hi Clement, I have never taken on macarons, but you obviously have become an expert. Your tantalizing photos certainly make me want to move them up my to-do list.


What a superb entry, Clement! You sure know how to make this Hermé fan happy. You've just reminded me to post the snapshots from my visits to Pierre Hermé in March as soon as possible! Thank you so much for participating in this IMBB!


you are a macaron madman! they're gorgeous.


Hi Clement,
they look soooo cute! I always baked macarons as a kind of christmas cookie - never thought of doing these much more elegant variations! The combination with ice-cream is just perfect, as it is almost unbearable hot in Munich these days... ;)


Wow, Clement. This is a fantastic dessert for summer. I can hardly believe that ones from M. Herme's shop would look or taste any better.


Wow - so, so beautiful and delicious too, I'm sure. I can't wait to see the recipes!


I think I have to officially declare you addicted... to macarons. I think that's ok though.

For one, you've increased my non-coconut macaron awareness. It also means I'm in good with the local pastry shop because they know I'm one who appreciates a good rose macaron. ;)


Personally, I don't like ice cream sandwich, because I think I can't enjoy the product taste itself. These macarons ice cream sandwich stimulates my appetite. Especailly, various colors of macarons. It goes well with energetic summer time.


What a wonderful entry! As usual your photographs and creations are simply beutiful. Can I come to yours for desert?


Oh wow, those look absolutely delicious! I don't know that I've ever been this hungry for something, ever. :) Can't wait for the recipes - not that mine will turn out as pretty as THAT. :)


Hi Clement,

Amazing as always. These look so delicious. I can't wait for the recipes. These are a definite must try, especially the matcha flavored one. Mmmmm! =P


hi clement

if you ever discover the secret to p.h.'s ispahan macaron, please divulge it!


Chefdoc - Give it a try sometime. They're actually very simple to make. It's just four ingredients and three steps. But what fascinates me the most, are the small details within each step that must be done in order to produce good macarons.

Viv - I'm looking forward to seeing your Hermé photos. Thanks so much for hosting IMBB and coming up with the great theme!

Sarah - I know! I guess everyone is crazy about something.. I just happen to be crazy about macarons.

Nicky - They were certainly very refreshing. The only problem was that the ice cream blocks were too tall to fit in my mouth!

Nic - Thanks! One day I hope to visit Pierre Hermé in Paris to see what authentic Miss Gla'Gla's taste like.

Cathy - Thanks, I'll have the recipes up soon.

McAuliflower - I think you're right.. what a weird addiction. For the first 24 years of my life, I didn't even know what a macaron was, and in the past year I've made them at least 20 times. I would love to try a rose flavoured macaron sometime.

Chocopie - I do agree that we eat with our eyes first. I also find that I'm much more likely to make a recipe if it's accompanied with a nice picture.

Lyn - Of course, feel free to drop by for dessert next time you’re in town!

Anne - Thanks, they're certainly worth the effort to make. I'll have the recipes up soon!

Reid - I really enjoyed the matcha ice cream sandwich, because it wasn't too sweet, and it was the only one that was purely ice cream, so it melted very nicely.

J - I'll see what I can do!


How precious! They look to be the characters of some cute little cartoon, trudging along a sweet-filled parade. The dusting of matcha, orange zest and strawberries are the perfect little plumes to top off their hats. I don't know if I want to eat them or give them little names!


Hi Clement,
I am extremely impressed that you did those without a recipe. They look and sound wonderful!


Hi Clement- I think your version of Miss Gla Gla is really wonderful. Looks fanstastic with different shapes and flavors, for me you are the woman version of Pierre Herme, really a genius! I am a huge fan of Pierre Herme since the first time I bought his book and I've been searching the net to get the latest of him. Thanks for sharing your craetions.

chubby hubby

To quote the great Wayne and Garth, "we are not worthy!" Truly amazing and I am sure delicious desserts.


Hi Tara - Thanks, I suppose they do look cute. I'm just glad they turned out well - I find that I really do eat with my eyes first, so it's very important that what I'm eating looks appetizing.

Hi Michelle - Thanks for your kind words. I think you have a very nice blog!

Hi Cathy - Thanks for your kind words. I've never been to Pierre Hermé, but I hope to go someday soon. I should probably clarify that I am a man. But don't worry, no offense taken!

Thanks Chubby Hubby. I think Pierre Hermé is truly amazing for coming up with the idea!


Clement & Fellow Torontonians,

Do you know where I can get matcha powder in Toronto?


Hi Carol,

I usually buy my matcha powder from Little Tokyo at 199 Augusta St. in Kensington Market. You may also be able to find it at J-Town on Steeles, and Sanko on Queen West too. A small 40g tin costs about $11. You may also want to try specialty tea shops or Asian supermarkets too.


Hello Clement,
I am brand new to this food blogging and I am in awe of what I see. Your photos give me heart palpitations. How do I acquire the recipes for the Ms.Gla'Gla? They look absolutely fantastic....

appreciate your help


Those ice cream pastries are absolutely beautiful. I assist a friend who is a high-end caterer whose focus lies in the wealthy of Nashville, TN. These are a perfect fit for her type of clientele and events. Could you share your recipes for the macaroons as well as the process for making the ice cream?


How absolutely delicious they look! I *heart*. Can't wait to see your recipe and try it out. :)


Hi Clement,

Your "ladies" are gorgeous. I will probably attempt to make them too one of these days although I am pretty positive they won't come out as pretty as yours. hopefully they'll taste good.
thank you for all of these wonderful recipes.

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