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November 20, 2004



Hellow from Germany,

thank you very much for this exciting article about this innovative way of cooking. But you have forgotten to mention one producer of those texturizers in Germany. It is called "biozoon" ( their products are known as texturePro-texturizers. I think they are better as the other ingredients because you can use them faster, the solubility is better and they are much easier to measure. Maybe you could add them to your list above, as I know they can also send their products to the USA, I always buy them when I visit my uncle in Hamburg.

Greetings Mareike


Umm several links are dead saddly... Good resource though

Dillon Easton

This article is great I am a seventeen year old living in Montana trying to learn about molecular gastronomy, can you see the possible problems there? This article has been extremely informative and has givven me new areas in which I can explore the world of molecular gastronomy. I do however wonder whether you have an idea for a year long science project that I could compete nationally with on the subject of Molecular Gastronomy.

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