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December 12, 2005



Thanks Clement for your generous gifts. We've raised so much money I could hardly believe my eyes every time I check the donation tally.

It's the amazing effort from everyone that made this campaign so successful, thank you for your part in it.



I really enjoy your blog and the amazing food you whip up. I was undecided about purchasing Bouchon but after googling it I found your review and this wonderful blog (it now resides comfortably next to the stove for inspiration). I have been looking for the same extact plates you served Quintet of Sorbets with Fruit Mélange on and the various other dishes. I would really like to know who makes them because I have looked everywhere for these plates. I have noticed them before on Made To Order but have never been able to find these plates. I looked at the mustard and it looks so delicious I just may have to order some for myself. Thank you for the great blog and I hope you can tell me who produces the plates.

VK Narayanan

Happy New Year Clement!

Lady Amalthea

Happy New Year Clement!
Those mustards really sound like something else. Do you know if it's possible to get them in the States?


Happy New Year, Clement! (from a fellow Torontonian!!!)

I love your site ... keep up the good work!


This was a brilliant idea. I'm too late to donate to this specific one, but I hope it was a big success.


Pim - Thanks so much for organizing this wonderful event, and congratulations on its tremendous success!

Patrick - Thanks for writing. I buy most of my plates from Caban (, which is the sister housewares store of Club Monaco in Canada. The shallow bowls I used for the sorbets is part of their basic line of dishes made by Monno (on the back it says Supreme Porcelain Monno) and cost about $6 Cdn each.

The other line of dishes I use from Caban are the ones with the subtle blue circles. These are from the Loft Weiss series by Thomas Rosenthal Group. At Caban, they're about $13 Cdn for a salad dish or $22 for a charger. I was surprised to recently learn that The French Laundry currently uses this line of dishes to plate one of it's desserts!

VK - Happy New Year to you too!

Lady Amalthea - The Natural Group ( sells Anton Kozlik's mustard by mail order in the U.S. I think some Whole Foods may also carry it, and the Kozlik's Mustard website ( also has online ordering.

Ivonne - Thanks, and congratulations on your new site!

Colglethorpe - Yes, I think we raised about $100 through this prize alone.

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