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August 31, 2005



Great job Clement - that must have been a real lot of work and you've done it so beautifully. Been enjoying travelling around getting a glimpse into the world of tea. Thanks again for the great theme and the round-up!


clement! you are incredible!!! what a wonderful multi-day trip you've taken us around the world in a teacup! it was an awesome theme, and it really challenged me, since i usually think "asian" when i think of tea. :)

can't wait to see more of your usual posts now :)


Hey Clement,

Great round up for what must have been a monumental task!! It has been a fantastic month of tasteTea discoveries.


Phew, Clement!! How do you do it?? I struggle with the 2 dozen or so EoMEoTE entries each month - I don't know where you fond the fortitude to get through a round-up in EIGHT parts! Ah well, think of it as a tribute to how inspiring your theme was :-)

Thanks so much for hosting and putting in all the hard work you did for the round-up.


Agreed! You out-did yourself on this one. I'm very impressed and very appreciative!


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In regards to both the tea write up and the entries themselves:

Huge round of applause!


hi clement, what a journey! phew...really fantastic round-up and great effort (not to mention time spent) on your part. cheers,j


Hi Clement!

YAY! You're finally finished. I appreciate the hard work and effort you put into this. Thanks a lot for hosting!


Holy cats! I can't believe all those entries!

You finished up with pose and grace Clement, great job!


Dearest Clement, I hope the tea event didn't kill you off.

Just in case this isn't a vacation... May I suggest something... go check out this Blog Depression handout.



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