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August 06, 2005



Hi Clement,
Thank you for hosting this months IMBB and the p e r f e c t l y done round-up. Excellent format and writing!! You set a new standard ;))


I want to second Nicky's comments...the attention to the details of each entry, the inclusion of a photo and the high quality writing have really raised the bar, and made IMBB even better. Thanks, Clement, for a great job!


Thank you so much for hosting. You have put an awful lot of work into it! And I can't believe how many entries you had to sort through!


clement, thank you for your reviews ;) taking green tea to the limit huh :P yeah, i suppose i did, but it ended up making the green tea soba taste better. i tried cooking it in hot water and it just doest taste the same.

and, i agree with nicky and stephen, you've done nothing short of a miracle doing this writeup! congratulations and much thanks.


Hi Clement,

Another wonderful job! I'm looking forward to the rest of the posts. How many more are there, by the way?


Hi Clement,
Sorry couldnt make it in time or overtime but i enjoy the round up. You have made it really easy to go through the entries. Wonderful hosting!


The Earl Grey Gelato by Delicious Days looks delicious.

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