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July 14, 2005



Hi there,

I am going to use this event to join in IMBB since I have been an observer for a while.

I look forward to thinking up a dish which includes tea.

Thanks for hosting!


This is the first one of these I've done--my blog is not specifically about food, but small farms (the source of food)...but I definitely incorporate food in.

I'm doing the August Locavores challenge, but I had to make an exemption for tea.

This is going to be fun!


Edible Chai! Marvellous idea and quite a challenge. Need a strong cup to think-up something good.


Hi Clement,

Thanks for leaving a note about this - in fact I was going to do something else for this 17th IMBB other than the jasmine tea desserts I posted about, as I am reluctant to do it with something I made more than a couple of months ago... but if I don't get to make and blog another thing, it'd be great if you let me make them as my entry for the event. Thanks!


here is the link to my two entries...

thank you so much for hosting.


I've just sent an email, but to be sure, here's my entry:


I've also sent an email, but just to make it simple, here's the URL:


What a busy weekend!
I just put my entry up too:

Seattle Orange Spice Ice Cream: ice cream kissed with cinnamon and candied orange peel


The dynamic duo of green tea ice cream with cantaloupe sorbet.

looking forward to all the great entries!


Hi Clement Here is my entry for IMBB #17

Thanks for hosting this event!


Here's mine - a dessert using South African Rooibos (red bush) tea!

Thanks for hosting and good luck getting all those entries rounded up!!


Is it too late ? Will you accept an entry from the land of tea? I have a good excuse for the delay.

2-minute Noodle Cook

I have Australian "Billy Tea" making and drinking ritual, recommended with damper and rowdy singing of "Waltzing Maltida"....Just in case you wanna writeup :). Would love to see a Chinese Wedding tea ceremony thingy...


well, today is only the 8th...LOL! and here is am ... my wicked little souffle never made it, so here is the replacement:

green tea risotto with sauteed mushrooms and pan-seared tofu

thank you, clement. you're a rockstar :)

joyce sattari

Tea Styles
In Iran ,black tea is the most preferred drink from morning to evening Iranians brewed tea in cimmavar for breakfat, morning break ,afer lunch ,noon break, evening break,and after dinner mostly imported from India and Sri Lanka and some locally grown in North of Iran.Usually they drink it with "khand" cube sugar or with refined sugar.
I drink tea in the morning with condensed milk and it has the same taste as the tea-milk that I drink in Tokyo (where we got it from train/bus terminal vending machine) and with bread/pastry for breakfast.
In the Philippines, Lipton tea is the most preferred brand and it is usually drink cold as iced tea usually with calamansi(Philippine variety of lime) and refined sugar, when it is served hot it is usually as a remedy for stomach pains or if someone don't feel okay.Nestea is also available.
But my sister who is a stewardess would bring me fruit flavored Sri Lankan tea like apple tea, but I remember I drank in Japan also a Meiji brand apple flavored tea and it was delicious and refreshing. Also in Japan when you order food in the restaurant they served green tea first in the meantime that they are cooking your food.So anywhere you go you can find different styles for tea but black tea drinkers I think are more concentrated in the Middle East, Southwest Asia , Russia and England while green tea drinkers are more in China, Korea and Japan.


congrats Clement, and very nice post.


Hi Everyone, thanks so much for taking part!

Joyce - thank you very much for sharing your tea experiences with us!


hasanyone been to a japanese tea ritual? apparently they take moe time for the preperation/orchestration of it than the end product! I'm doing something on similar lines for my dissertation and wondered if you guys have been to a real one and what you could tell me about it in regards to:
How they made you feel welcome
was there intuition into what you wanted
how did it feel?comforting,privilaged etc
Thank you!

Steven Jack

It's rarely a tasty dish of your choice prepared with tea.Any dish or drink that’s made with tea qualifies.I'm very glad you're all looking forward to IMBB.

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