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February 13, 2005



I guess you missed my email--I did chocolate croissants and a quiche.

Sniff Sniff.



hello from France

i'm a beginner in blog not in kitchen
could you explain me how can i participate to your SHF
bye bye and thanks you


Hi Jeanne, I'm very sorry about that. It's up now.

Hi Veronica, SHF is held once a month on a Friday. The theme, date, and host of the next SHF event is announced three or four weeks in advance. You can always find it through the Sugar High Fridays link on On the day of the event, post your entry of what you made on your blog and notify the host. A couple days later the host will write a round-up summarizing everyone's posts.
Hope to see you at the next SHF!


Hi Clement,

Wow everyone's done a great job! I was contemplating to try Pierre Herme's inside-out puff pastry as well, but I have been distracted by many things in my life as of late and figured that I didn't get to take much time out of it to concentrate on this challenging project. Your dessert looks so dainty and everyone else's also sound great... Congratulations to the great success!


Fabulous turn-out! It was an honor to participate, Clement! Thanks for a great theme and superb round-up!


Thanks for the comment on my site....but....where is my entry? I made the pears in puff pastry with a cinnamon budino? Or was there some other specification that I missed? If this was a members only event, oops... My apologies.


Hi Clement - wow, what a selection of entries!! I will certainly have no trouble thinking of something to do with the leftover puff pastry in my freezer!! Thanks for the great roundup and the yummy theme.


Chika - Thanks! I do hope you get to try making inside-out puff pastry sometime. I didn't find it to be any harder than normal puff pastry, and the double turns method that the recipe uses saves a lot of rolling time.

Viv - Thanks, I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to host. Thanks again for your wonderful entry.

Rowena - I'm incredibly sorry for the omission. I've just added it to the round-up. Thanks so much for your entry - it's very creative and beautiful.

Jeanne - Same here, there are now so many things I want to make with my leftover puff pastry. I might even have to make more dough now. Thanks again for taking part!


Great Job, Clement! Everyone's creations look superb.


Thanks again, Clement!


Hi Clement - Thank you so much for adding my a little-too-late entry and congratulations on the great success!


I read your elegant site while beginning to look at food blogs for the first time and decided that I have to do that! I am just starting and know very little about how to format my blog - I have a lot to learn. I've put up my first posts and would really appreciate any comments and suggestions.
I made the salmon tartare and white chocolate flan recipes off your site last Sunday to much applause. Thanks again. Chefdoc


Nic, Moira, Keiko - Thanks so much for taking part. Each of your entries looked so delicious, and they were all so beautifully photographed!

Chefdoc - Congratulations on your new blog! I'm very glad to hear that the white chocolate and salmon recipes worked out for you. I'd be happy to take a look at your blog and send you some comments.

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