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January 17, 2005



Hi Clement,

I've just started a blog recently and I've been looking forward to the next SHF- thanks for hosting and coming up with such a great theme!



what an awesome theme for the next shf!! i haven't made my own puff pastry before, but i might if i have time. i've been scared to do so.. but for this event i might force myself to. i can't wait. :)


Puff Pastry, what a great theme! Btw, we missed you for #4. It is so nice to have you back man! See you on the 11th! :-)


Puff... pastry? Oh my god, that is scary. I will certainly do my best to participate, but as of right now: I'm scared. Intimidated, even. But also a little bit curious and intrigued.. hm, this may be the perfect time to actually try it...

Zarah Maria

It's fresh -fresh! - exciting! It's so fresh - it's so... da-da-di-dum... Um?! Don't know where that came from, but it sure sums up how I feel about this SHF! What a great - and a wee bit scary, yes! - theme Clement!


I made it once, many moons ago, at the age of about 13, in a "Home Economics" class at school. Well, I made it once, I can do it again. (and if I can't I know how to cheat!) Let's hope the weather stays cool til February, it would be nightmare trying to make this pastry in the summer. I feel sorry for the bloggers down under who might want to join in...


Hi Clement,

I just made puff pastry a couple of days ago for the first time in more than the past decade, and it didn't exactly turn out successful but was tasting great nevertheless. I don't know if I can participate though, because I'll be back in a tropical island of Hawaii by that time, and like Sam says it could be too hot to make puff pastry over there. But if I do (successfully) I will sure join you guys!


Thanks everyone for your interest in SHF 5! I realize that puff pastry has the potential to be a challenging theme, so I'm glad that we're all doing this together (virtually, at least). Just do what you're comfortable with - buying pre-made puff pastry dough is completely fine (you don't even have to say whether or not you made it yourself!)

Sam and Chika - Thanks for reminding me about those living in warmer climates. I'll edit my post to reflect that. Chika, I really hope you can join us, although I would trade you Toronto's frosty -20C weather for making puff pastry in beautiful Hawaii in an instant!


This is going to be my first time but I just can't resist, I mean puff pastry..! The endless hours of kneading and rising and filling and sculpting... Sounds terrific !!


Hi! My food blogging started very recently and this will be my first SHF. I've been looking forward for this, but I'm rather nervous about the difficult and challenging theme :-) My last attempt with puff pastry ended with really ugly pastries, even though they tasted delicious :-)


I've only made puff pastry from scratch once, in a baking course I took at George Brown College here in Toronto. It was the VERY first thing we made and we started it on the first night - talk about nervewracking! It turned out to be one absolutely amazing experience; one which I've not had the opportunity to duplicate. I think I'll try it again soon...


Sophie - Welcome! I'm glad you'll be able to take part, and I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with.

Dagmar - I'd choose delicious and ugly over beautiful and tasteless anyday.. I hope you'll decide to give puff pastry another try!

Eric - Thanks, now I know what to expect if I ever take baking at GBC! Great to see another Torontonian taking part.


Hi Clement,

I wanted to participate, but I will be in Singapore on that day...maybe next time. Have fun!


I'm glad you're giving some leeway for those of us who want an easier way into this. Puff pastry is fabulous....but the effort involved! I am looking forward to this SHF because it's about time I joined in on all the fun!


Another new blogger here -- it's going to be my first SHF event (and my first IMBB event) as well. Nothing like lots of crisp buttery layers -- yummy!


Reid - Thanks for linking to SHF from your site.. have a nice trip to Singapore!

Rowena and Julie - Welcome! Great to hear that you'll be able to take part in SHF. Looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with..


Mmm Puff pastry! Flaky, buttery yum yum yum. Count me in! I think Im off to do some reasearch.


Having just completed a "Hands-On" at Le Notre where we learned the Inversee method. I'm used to the Traditional method, so I'm most interested to see which method the group prefers.


I'm curious to chat sometime. I and another fellow (Dave) will be co-chefs at a new restaurant very soon (a week; we are very much working in the same vein as you, and we are hoping to develop some weekly workshops on the m.g. tip. Drop a line...


Christine - Glad you'll be able to take part!

Melissa - Wrapping dough in butter sounds challenging, but I'll certainly give it a try. I hope you can take part!

Nathan - Congratulations on your new restaurant! I'll drop you a line.


Hola Clement! thanks for the wonderful idea---I`ll be there on Friday :) Melissa


hi there-

Just tuned into SHF's via Who Wants Seconds! What a great idea and I'd love to participate next time around.

Looking forward to tomorrow and checking out everyone's entries.


Hello Clement--
Here is my recipe, although, I'm not sure how to post this! (I'm a newbie!)
Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for us!

joseph forget

hello there ,came across your site ! couple quick tips on puff pastry !! dont over mix the dough 1-2 mins ....gluten development will come in the rolling and folding of butter ,relax the dough in fridge for 20 mins ,covered . also i feel to get butter more evenly distributed ,roll out dough to a quarter inch. also roll the butter between 2 pieces of parchment paper to make a sheet of butter to start the lamination process ......have fun .chef joe and the culinaryforce

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