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November 09, 2004



if someone was looking to purchase only one of keller's books, which of them would you reccommend and why? thanks for the great review!


I would probably recommend Bouchon because it's more practical for every day cooking, and it still has many dishes that are very impressive. The ingredients used in Bouchon are also much easier to find and are usually less expensive. I think that many of the techniques are actually better explained in Bouchon, and the book itself is better organized and covers a broader area than the French Laundry Cookbook.

The French Laundry Cookbook however, is very helpful for learning how to prepare and use exotic ingredients like foie gras, truffles, and caviar. Its recipes are also more spectacular and creative, and great for special occasions. Even if you end up buying Bouchon, you'll probably be able to find more than a few French Laundry recipes floating around the Internet (or on my blog :)

Zarah Maria

You can't keep tempting me to buy new cookbooks! I just bought Culinary Artistry (And am, for the record, loving it!) after you wrote about it for IMBB 9. But I do love the French Laundry cookbook, so this is bound to go under the Christmas tree, be it as a gift from myself or someone else!


Hi Zarah Maria - I'm glad you like Culinary Artistry; when I first saw it, I was very surprised that something so useful actually existed! Autumn always seems to be a great time for new cookbooks. For whatever reason, they all seem to come out within a few weeks - it's very hard just to choose one or two!


I apologize for commenting so late in the game, but I found this entry via Chubby Hubby. My own copy of Bouchon is almost falling apart from having cooked from it so often (but its poor brother cookbook, French Laundry, has barely been cracked open (but this is probably because we have an 8-month-old baby around--no time for elaborate cooking!). The onion soup is our New Year's Eve tradition and the green salt is the most brilliant part of the duck confit (I use the method in The Zuni Cafe Cookbook for the exhaustive commentary). My husband and I make the lentils vinagrette at least once a month (I can make it with my eyes closed) and the financiers are simple and rewarding. And we too like the simple roast chicken recipe better than Zuni (which used to be my favourite as well!). The quiches, however, I find overwhelming in their richness.

Thanks for the review!

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